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CircuitCategoryDate AddedOK?
Slave flash trigger with counting logic (Silicon Chip Mazine article)PhotoAug 18, 2009
Large collection of strobe / photoflash circuit diagramsPhotoSep 01, 2009
Slave Flash Trigger CircuitPhoto 
Lightning Activated Camera Shutter TriggerPhoto 
CamTrig - A home-made light-operated camera triggerPhoto 
A simple home-made light-operated camera triggerPhoto 
A home-made light-operated camera trigger using the stamp microprocessorPhoto 
Building a Digital Intervalometer - includes circuit diagram and suggested layoutPhotoMay 09, 2010
Arduino based motion triggered camera using a PIR sensorPhotoNov 13, 2010
Universal sound and optical slave flash triggerPhoto 
Homebrew Wired Remote for Canon EOS 350D CameraPhoto 
Digital cameras (AGFA, Olympus) to PC (COM) cable pinoutPhotoSep 10, 2006
Making your own RS-60E3 Remote Control for Canon EOS camerasPhoto 
Flash Slave TriggerPhotoSep 01, 2009
Electronic shutter release with ultrasonic remote controlPhoto 
Control your camera (Canon DSLR) with your Palm PDAPhoto 
Computerized Shutter Control of Canon DSLRsPhoto 
Infrared remote control with intervalometer function for Nikon camerasPhoto 
IR Remote Control for Nikon cameras, standard versionPhoto 
Serial cable for Casio QV-200 digital cameraPhoto 
Sea & Sea TTL (Motormarine II, SX-1000) Flash Interface (underwater photography flash)PhotoSep 25, 2009
Nikon Coolpix 950 / 990 / 995 Flash-adapterPhotoSep 25, 2009
Remote shutter (or 'cable release') for SLR and DSLR camerasPhoto 
Darkroom camera shutter timerPhotoJan 26, 2001
Beam-break Detector For Camera Shutter or Flash ControlPhotoNov 13, 2010
Programmable Optical Slave Flash Trigger for Digital Cameras using PIC12F675Photo 
Lightning shutter trigger for a camera using an ArduinoPhotoNov 13, 2010
Camera Axe open hardware and open software project for camera triggeringPhotoNov 13, 2010
Using an Apple II+ Computer as a Flash Intervalometer (PDF)PhotoMay 09, 2010
Canon DSLR cable shutter release usin 4N25 for optical isolationPhotoSep 25, 2009
AI-1 ("All-in-one") Remote - photographic accessory that you can buildPhoto 
Controlling your SLR Camera from an IpodPhotoMay 09, 2010
Arduino based Time-Lapse Camera ControllerPhotoJun 20, 2010
Nikon IR-Remote Control based on Atmel ATtiny13PhotoSep 25, 2009
Camera remote control system using Basic StampPhotoMay 01, 2004
Lightning activated camera shutter triggerPhotoAug 17, 2009
Lightning Activated Camera Shutter TriggerPhotoJan 26, 2001
Stop Action 3D-Photography using an audio flash triggerPhoto 
Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC12C509)PhotoJul 24, 2002
Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC16F84)PhotoJul 24, 2002
Universal Exposure Timer and Event CounterPhoto 
Computer Sound Port Shutter TesterPhotoAug 17, 2009